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    Digital Marketing Geek

    Lauren Melnick

    Freelance Content, Travel Blogger & Social Media Manager

    A 25-year-old self-professed "Digital Marketing Geek" and world adventurer, I consume everything around my two greatest passions - travel and social media.


    Armed with a Business Management diploma from Boston City Campus and a Digital Marketing diploma from The Brand School, I successfully transitioned from a Channel Sales IT Intern into a Content & Social Media Manager for GVI, a multi-award winning voluntourism company.

    My next adventure is taking on more freelance work to become location independent. In 2016, I hope to have articles published by Matador Network, The Verge Magazine and Buzzfeed.


    In April 2016, I launched my travel blog, Wanderlust Movement, alongside my equally travel obsessed cousin, Justin Melnick.


    Hootsuite Certified | Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified




    Digital Marketing and travel are two of my greatest passions.

    Travel Blogger & Freelance Writer

    April 2016 - present


    A South African travel blog bringing you the best in festivals, destinations and adventures around the world.



    My cousin and I launched this travel blog to inspire more people to travel. It is specifically aimed at the South African millennial market.

    Social Media Manager


    Cape Town, South Africa
    Jan 2016 - April 2016


    Tripr is the first travel app that allows you to plan who you’ll cross paths with on your next trip.


    This is a pro bona pet project I have taken on to keep me busy in my spare time.


    Download the app: Tripr

    Social Media Manager & Content Writer

    Global Vision International

    Cape Town, South Africa

    June 2014 - May 2016


    GVI is an industry-leading responsible travel and volunteering organisation, with over 150 operations across the globe. Working hand-in-hand with local communities and world-renowned conservation and community development organisations, our award-winning programs continue to make a massive positive impact on communities we work with, and the environments they live in.



    I manage all their social media platforms and write blogs for GVI and their affiliates.


    Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr 




    Geek Node

    Cape Town, South Africa
    Nov 2015 - April 2016


    I write for a local geek culture website in my spare time on a pro-bono basis. I cover everything from TV series, gaming, events and reviews that fall under the geek subculture.



    Social Media

    100 Degrees Online Marketing

    Johannesburg, South Africa
    March 2014 - May 2014


    100 Degrees offers online marketing solutions. 



    I managed their Social Media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn as well as writing blogs and creating content for their clients.

  • Content

    Some of the blog posts and articles I have written.

    I have had work published on Forbes, Thailand Tourism, The Dodo, GoAbroad.com, See The Wild, SA People.com and Travelettes.

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    What is Service Learning? 

    Ghost writing for GVI Service Learning

    Why Service Learning is Good for You



    "There is no doubt that she is a huge asset to any endeavour that she collaborates on, as once her mind is set on a goal, she will not rest until she has not only met expectations, but completely surpassed them- with no compromise of quality. She sets high standards for herself and, from what I have been exposed to, never fails to meet them." - Hayden Goldberg (Paid Advertising Manager at Search Online Consulting)

    "I had the pleasure of having Lauren on my marketing team in 2014/2015. She's a quirky, energetic, out-the-box thinker who's passionate about all things marketing - and she quickly became my biggest asset on the team.

    Fast, smart and ultra-reliable, Lauren just gets things done. She's a talented writer and always manages to stay on top of developing trends in the industry. "
    Adrienne West ( Marketing Manager at GVI)

    "Ridiculously efficient is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Lauren. She has an inexplicable talent for prioritizing tasks in mere seconds, to intelligently and effectively complete them in order of importance. 'I can't' genuinely doesn't exist within her vocabulary because many times she'll accept responsibility for tasks not within her purview and complete them for you anyway, with an exceptional use of resources. This type of dedication is commendable to the highest degree and a vitally important skill/asset to adopt in any high-performance organization" - Duane Nicol (Mimecast Business Development)

    "Starting work with Lauren nearly one year ago, I have been continuously impressed by the sheer quantity of content and work she has managed to produce, at such a high quality. She is a machine, and I have seen her take on enormous challenges, emerging tired but victorious through self-sacrifice and incredibly hard work.

    Not only that, Social Media is Lauren's passion. Not in the nerdy "sat in my corner avoiding the party - oh, share this!" type of way, more that she loves to see growth, change and to build successful brand. You can really see it is something that fascinates her, and that she understands minutely. " Richard Ames ( India Program Manager at GVI)

    "Lauren is a tenacious young professional who will sure that she gets what she wants in her career. I can see her going very far in the near future." - Francois van Deventer (Idea Manager at 7DKS)

    "Lauren Melnick excelled in our Digital Marketing course, especially in Social Media Marketing and achieved great results in the exam. We recommend her highly as a valuable addition to a company's Marketing department." Nikki Graham (CEO & Founder of The Brand School)

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